Are you looking for additional, personalised help to improve your grades? If so, take a look at the different tutoring options I offer to find which is the best fit for you.

One-to-one tutoring

This option gives you totally personal support tailored exactly to you and your needs. I will help analyse your tests and work to identify the key topics and skills to target for improvements. Working one-to-one enables the lessons to go at your own pace, meaning we can focus on the areas you’re struggling with and giving you the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want. Here are just a few areas of my expertise:

  • Exam technique
  • Effective revision and studying
  • Clear, concise and understandable explanations of the toughest theory in Biology
  • 10+ years’ experience and knowledge of teaching AQA
  • How to improve your motivation and confidence towards studying

If you are looking to improve your understanding, grow your confidence and make progress fast then this tutoring option is for you.


Small group tutoring

If you prefer to learn in a more social way with other students, where you can help each other along, learn through more interactive activities and have the added bonus of the sessions being cheaper, then this is perfect for you.
You and up to 3 other students can group together for tuition. These sessions will still be tailored for your collective needs and you have the chance to ask questions. This small group tuition will still give you access to:

  • Exam questions
  • Marking of exam questions within lessons
  • Exam technique help
  • Resources to help with your studying
Two students – £32.50 per student per hour
Three students – £25 per student per hour
Four students – £20 per student per hour

Pick ‘n’ Mix Tutoring

The most affordable tuition option! If you already know what you need to improve on, then these themed series of larger online tutoring groups will let you zone in to your problem areas and get the benefit of my experience, advice, tips and techniques. Groups will be capped at 20 students, so there will still be the opportunity for your questions to be answered and your voice to be heard, and there will be a range of tailored resources available for each class.

* There must be a minimum of 8 in the group for these sessions to run.

£7.50 per hour

Any questions? Enquire

Subsidised tutoring

Equal educational opportunities are important regardless of your socioeconomic background, and this is why I offer a limited number of subsidised tutoring positions for A-level students who are on the 16-19 bursary.

To find out more and whether you are eligible contact me 

Wonderful tutor. Highly recommended. Very supportive but also thorough. Particularly helpful with exam technique - she has given me lots of confidence. Thank you so much’


‘I find Miss Estruch an exceptional tutor, I really appreciate the preparation before lessons and resources that she provides. I think she is able to make hard concepts really simple to learn and understand but is also able to help fine tune exam technique which I`ve noticed has boosted my grades up to an A* in recent mocks. I would wholeheartedly recommend to all other biology students.


‘Miss Estruch is a highly experienced, knowledgeable tutor who is able to help in any aspect of the course that someone may be struggling with, including detailed knowledge, application of knowledge to challenging questions and very proficient at mastering exam technique. Each lesson is carefully planned beforehand, including reviewing work that is set in between. Would thoroughly recommend Miss Estruch since she made a huge difference to my daughter’s confidence in Biology. She is EXCELLENT!’



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