Active Recall Workbook – Topics 5-8

The best way to improve your understanding and memory is to actively test yourself, and that is exactly what my PDF electronic workbook is designed to do!

Before starting on exam questions, active recall is essential.  So, if you struggle to know how best to consolidate your learning after lessons or how to revise effectively, then my workbook is perfect for you!

So, what makes my workbook different? I have created it based on science. Research shows that using at least 5 different active recall strategies is the most effective way of developing your understanding, memory and skills.  So, that is exactly what I have done!  My workbook tests your knowledge in multiple ways so you can be confident you are studying effectively.

Covering all of topics 5-8 (Photosynthesis, respiration, energy transfer, nervous response, homeostasis, inheritance, ecology, stem cells, control of gene expression and recombinant DNA technologies)

Individual license £8.99 – This gives permission for personal use only and the document cannot be shared with anyone.

School license £99– This gives permission for the workbook to be shared with all students within one school or centre only.




I want to make sure that if you are going to part with your money it is for a product that you are happy with, so please check out this free sample before you buy.

Please note: Downloads are valid for one year only.  To access your order, click on the link in your order confirmation email. Please check your junk mail if you do not receive this email straight away.

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Individual license £8.99, School license £99


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