A level theory PowerPoints from YT – Topic 1

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These PDF versions of the PowerPoints cover AQA A-level theory. Use these instead of notes, as part of your revision or as a portable teacher. Make sure you check out my YouTube channel before buying the resource, so you know exactly what the product is like before purchasing.

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Disclaimer – Embedded videos seen in the YouTube videos are not included within these PowerPoints as this makes the files too large.

2 reviews for A level theory PowerPoints from YT – Topic 1

  1. Hayley Dean

    These powerpoints and the accompanying videos have been great to support me in my first year of teaching year 13 AQA A-level Biology and I have also been able to sign post my year 12s to videos during their independent study sessions or their revision which has not only helped with their fact recall and understanding but has also improved their confidence when tackling exam questions. Thank you very much for sharing these resources the PowerPoints are definitely worth the money and are a great resource along side the YouTube channel videos.

  2. Neville Boney

    Miss Estruch videos and powerpoints are a godsend. They follow the AQA specification well and cover everything my students need to know for their assessments. I use the videos as homework in addition to pre-reading before I teach a lesson. If you’re a student, I think it’s so essential that you arrive to lessons already knowing a bit of information on the topic to be covered. Using these videos as preparation homework is a great way to go about it and helps you learn even better during the lesson. As a teacher, I find they free up time to focus on teaching the juicy details that will set my pupils apart from the rest of the competition for a place at Uni. Also, if a student misses a lesson, they can check out the video beforehand and arrive at the following class with specifics questions, if any, and avoid falling behind. I can’t recommend this resource enough.

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