A-Level AQA Biology Notes – Y12 (topics 1-4)

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Do you spend hours writing notes? Do you find that by the time you’re done you have no time for the actual exam questions? Well, this set of AQA Y12 theory notes will be perfect for you!

So, what makes my notes different? I have created them based on student feedback. You asked for keywords, lots of images, key points, and essay links for each topic, and your wish is my command.

This set of digital AQA theory notes for topics 1-4 are perfect for Y12 students. Instead of writing out notes after every lesson, print these out and slot them into your folder and then in lessons you are free to read, highlight and annotate. These notes give you the option of reading ahead and being able to listen in lessons rather than write notes so you can be more actively engaged in the lesson.

1 review for A-Level AQA Biology Notes – Y12 (topics 1-4)

  1. OA

    Very succinct and visual. They help with cues, that allow me to access biology material in my memory. I then do free recall with these notes; when I’m confident. Also, they are like the Cornell Study Method- which works best for me. Thx Miss Estruch! ☺️

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