Making the most of Easter. REVISION TIPS

With only two months to go until the GCSE, AS and A Level exams the Easter Holidays is a vital time for revision.

Here a few things that you should have planned or considered:

  1. Print the specification to check the level of detail and skills you need to know for each topic.  Use this like a check list to ensure you have revised everything.
  2. Create a timetable to make sure you are doing AT LEAST 5 hours revision each day on average.  This means if you know you can’t work on a particular day then you need to plan in when you will pick up these hours on another day.  Use the timetable as well to make sure you balance your time between each subject.
  3. No distractions. Revise with no phone, TV, radio and internet browsing!  Snapchat and Instagram will still be there when you finish your work.
  4. Timetable in breaks.  Most people can only focus for one hour, after this your mind will wander.  Make sure you plan in frequent mini breaks.  In these 5 minutes maybe get a drink, eat something, move and allow yourself to check your phone if you have to.
  5. Revise effectively.  It is said that if you only read your notes and textbook you limit yourself to a grade C (understanding the theory).  To get higher grades you have to be able to apply knowledge, calculate, analyse and evaluate… you can only improve these through past paper questions.  This should be the main focus.
  6. Gathering resources.  There are many past paper questions and activities on this website and an entire GCSE Easter revision pack on your your tab for each Unit. GCSEPod is an excellent summary of each topic and emphasizes the keywords.  Y12-there are past paper questions for each topic 1-4 and sample exam papers.  Y13 there are all the HW booklets and many extra topi or skills based questions. Make the most of these and if you need anything extra ask or email me.

I hope this helps with your revision and remember if you need help please ask.


Miss Estruch

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