How do you learn best? Take the test

Everyone has a different method that they find works best for them to learn and revise content.

Do you know what works best for you?

Follow the link below and complete the 5 minute quiz.  This will tell you what type of learner you are. Have a look at the list below with suggested revision activities to try depending on what type of learner you are.

  • Mathematical- You may learn best when applying logic and problem solving.  Try creating analogies and past paper questions.
  • Visual-  Create mind maps, diagrams and drawings to summarise content
  • Musical- Try making songs, poems or raps about theories and try listening to music whilst revising.
  • Interpersonal- Try discussing and explaining what you have learnt with others.
  • Intrapersonal- Again, try discussing with others as this helps you to formulate your own thoughts.
  • Kinaesthetic- Try model making, role plays and going for short walks between revision sessions.
  • Naturalistic- This indicates an interest in biology and geography, rather than there being specific techniques to try.

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