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Hello, I’m Miss Estruch and I have been teaching biology since 2010.

If you’re reading this, I imagine you’ve had a look around my site to see what I offer to help you with your studies and before making any decisions you’d like to know a little more about me as a teacher and a person. Or maybe you are just intrigued to find out what I am like outside of school! Well, keep reading to find out more about my teaching experience, teaching style and who I am.

I live in Hertfordshire with my partner Rory, my identical twin boys, Alex and Luke, and the fluffy boss of our house, my cat Bee. I have had various teaching and leadership roles in my career, including teaching all the sciences, being head of biology, head of science, sixth form tutor and study skills coordinator.

When I’m not working, I love travelling and in 2019 I squeezed in 11 trips including Australia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Croatia, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, South Africa and Prague. I also love reading, exercising, cooking and of course I am guilty of binge-watching Netflix – Stranger Things, The Office US and Schitt$ Creek are epic if you haven’t seen them.


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Question time with Miss Estruch

Biology has always fascinated and amazed me, simultaneously answering so many questions I’ve had whilst leaving me wondering more. What’s not to love? Biology led to Dolly the sheep, IVF, forensic science, vaccines, helping endangered species, gene technologies and so much more! Biology could be the answer to solving climate change, finding the cure to cancer and editing disease causing genes in adults – who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

I decided to take on a new challenge outside of school. I enjoyed working one-to-one with so many students improving their understanding, exam technique, confidence, and their grades.  I’m also a travel addict, so I needed to find a way to help fund the holidays!

In 2017, I was nominated for the Royal Society of Biology ‘Secondary School Biology Teacher of the Year’ award, and after a rigorous process involving interviews, lesson observations and creating a portfolio of my work I was incredibly honoured and excited to come joint second.

I know how challenging Biology A-level is, with the vast volume of content to understand and memorise, the maths and practical skills to develop and the ability to apply your knowledge.  I have helped many students to improve their grades and their confidence, and I can do the same for you too.  My 10+ years of experience in teaching means I know the specification inside out, I know the types of questions likely to come up and I know all the key marking points.  I use this knowledge to design exam technique lessons and resources and share the key tips I know with you

I am really interested in educational research and the science of how we learn has played a big part in moulding how I teach and the educational resources I make.  My teaching style improves not only your Biology grades, but your study skills to make you a better learner.

Two students once said to me ‘Miss, I watch this teacher on YouTube and we think you should do that as you would be amazing!’  At the time I laughed it off, yet here I am a couple of years later with not only my YouTube channel but a small business, so thank you Avneet and Aamina for planting that seed!

I started by making a few basic videos but it took me hours, so I decided to stop.  A year later, out of interest I looked back at my channel and was shocked to see I had over 5,000 views on my videos and lots of grateful comments.  Seeing how many students the videos had helped, I decided to give it a proper go and within a year I went from having 10 subscribers to 7,000 and half a million views. It takes a lot of time and energy to make the videos but knowing how much students value them, that they are inspiring young people to continue with Biology and how much they have helped boost students’ confidence has made it worth it.  Take a look for yourself 

This is a tough one, but I think Infinity War.  It is full of action, laughs, tears and has my favourite characters in it (Cap, Thor and Spiderman).  I’m a big fan of all the Marvel series on Netflix too though, Jessica Jones is a Boss!

Without a doubt Cape Town in South Africa!  It combined all my favourite things- different cultures, history, wildlife, outdoor activities and amazing food!  In one day, I walked amongst wild penguins, baboons, ostriches and zebras, an absolute dream for a biologist.  Also, did you know that there are more plant species on Table Mountain alone than there are in the whole of the UK!?

You don’t need me to tell you that there is a lot of theory, fast-paced lessons and a big jump from GCSE in exam technique. Basically, it is tough!  Independent learning is your way to take control of your learning, consolidate, practise and ultimately improve your grades.  Independent learning is your ticket to success for your A-levels.

  • A-levels (Biology, Chemistry, Geography and Physics)
  • BSc (Hons) Biology
  • MA Education
  • PGCE Secondary Science

During my first years of teaching, I completed a MA in Education in what little spare time I had, completing modules on dyslexia, autism, teaching and learning and finally achieving a distinction for my dissertation focussed on researching and trialling resources to stretch the most able students.

My school experience was not at all typical or easy. Due to a chronic illness, I was absent from school A LOT between the age of 13-16, causing significant disruption to my GCSEs.  My illness flared up again resulting in a hospitalisation once during my A-levels and once at university.  Thankfully, since then I am generally in very good health.  I do not mention this wanting any sympathy, but because it is this experience that made me motivated and determined to succeed no matter what.  It taught me at a young age how to be an independent and resilient learner and it is these skills I share with my students (link to revision tips blog).  Spending a lot of time with doctors discussing my illness and treatments is also what sparked my intrigue in the human body and lifelong love of Biology.





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